Wives, Submit

Happy Monday ya’ll! First order of business, please join in me praying for all the people in Texas who were affected by the hurricane this weekend. Reach out to your churches or to your favorite charities to donate your time, resources, or talents. Remember, every little bit helps. Next, I need to rant a little. … Continue reading Wives, Submit

One (Wo)Man Sharpens Another

Hello everyone! I need to stop saying "hello everyone". It's a repetitive way of starting these things. Next time I'll say it in Japanese. Just watch. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about community today or the lack thereof. I've never been one for having a huge social group (read: is a total introvert … Continue reading One (Wo)Man Sharpens Another

Therefore, Confess Your Sins

Happy Wednesday! I hope hump day is going well for you. I'm sorry again that I missed yesterday's post but I did do something pretty great. I finally went to confession! Can I tell you a dirty little secret? I've only been to confession 1 and a 1/2 times in my life But but but … Continue reading Therefore, Confess Your Sins

Just an Update

Hello! I don't know how else to start these blog posts. Any ideas? How was your weekend? Mine was busy. And exhausting. Chuck goes on an annual trip to the Saratoga race track with his father and brothers and while he's gone I work on some big project that I would never do while he's … Continue reading Just an Update

Rejoice in our Sufferings

My friends, today we are here to talk about suffering. Why suffering you ask? Because I did a lot of suffering this week that's why. You want to know what kind of suffering? I had to visit a depraved, mentally ill man who likes to play with sharp things and drill holes into people. You're so confused, you wonder what I mean and then it hits you...

Get Thee to Church!

Happy Feast of the Assumption of Mary! In case you didn't know it already, today is a holy day of obligation so, as the title says, GET THEE TO CHURCH!   I and my family have a very special devotion to Mama Mary. We have a statue of her in the yard, one in the … Continue reading Get Thee to Church!

Despising the Shame

Hello again everyone! Thank you for tuning in to read my blog. For those of you heard me on Hallie Weekly, welcome! I hope not to disappoint. I want to try my very hardest to be honest and authentic on this blog. I learned a long time ago that there's no way to please everyone … Continue reading Despising the Shame

Of Edel and Demon Battles

I’ve gone through some stormy nights in my life. The kind of nights where you toss and turn, sleep fretfully, and have vivid, sometimes horrific nightmares. I had one of those nights just last week, on the night I attempted to get to Edel. I feel like I need to explain to you how much … Continue reading Of Edel and Demon Battles

An Introduction

This is me. I'm 29, I have two lovely babies, I've been married to the most amazing man for five years. I love chocolate, reading too much, and cuddling with my sweet peas. I will do almost anything to avoid doing dishes. We live in a beautiful house in Northern New Jersey with an expansive … Continue reading An Introduction