Just an Update


I don’t know how else to start these blog posts. Any ideas?

How was your weekend? Mine was busy. And exhausting. Chuck goes on an annual trip to the Saratoga race track with his father and brothers and while he’s gone I work on some big project that I would never do while he’s around. The reasoning behind this is that although Chuck and I love each other with a love that is deep and unshakable we do not work well together. He’s a bit of a micromanager,  I have a certain order I like to do things in, when we’re trying to do things together it devolves into heated discussions over who’s the better planner and organizer. (I am. Don’t let him fool you. I am way better at this stuff.) So when there’s a project to be done, like cleaning out Chuck’s office, I prefer for him not to be around for it. Especially because it involved destroying the house and eating a lot of takeout all weekend… Did I mention that I also had the kids? Solo? For three whole days? While I reorganized and cleaned and painted my house? It’s kind of an important detail…

The office was such a mess. Everyone’s got that room in their house right? The room that ends up being a catch all for the miscellaneous crap that doesn’t really have a place to go but you hold onto it “just in case”? For us, that’s Chucks office. Usually I restrain myself but he’s been off all summer and didn’t need it so… things escalated quickly. You can check out Instagram if you want to catch my stories about it or if you want to see the before and afters. The house looks pretty great.

The nice part of my house clean up is that I now have my favorite comfy chair across from our home altar so while I type I can take breaks to gaze up at the cross and Mama Mary. Cause I’m totally that type of Catholic.

So I’ll be back tomorrow with an actual post about… something. I’m not sure what. But it’ll be good! In the meantime, I’m gonna go take a nap…

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