SQT: Back to School Edition

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I’ll be linking up with Kelly over at This Ain’t The Lyceum. All the kids are going back to school, all the moms are breaking out the celebratory mimosas and I think that’s great. I mean, as a mom to a three year old and a nearly two year old it doesn’t really apply to me but yeah, that’s cool. I also plan on homeschooling for an undetermined amount of time so my kids may be with me forever but yeah, that’s great. Just great. So here are my seven quick takes about why I’m glad your kids are going back to school.

  1. We’ll have the playground to ourselves!


    Sweet, sweet solitude

    My toddlers will finally have the run of the playground. They can go down the slides, across the bridges, and in front of the swings without my badgering them to share and take their turn and be careful you’re going to get kicked in the head. On the off chance I get to sit down, there will even be a seat on the bench available! So cool.

  2. I can finally get the cart with seats for both kids!


    They can both fit! It’s like magic!

    I’m sure this isn’t a problem for most people but my supermarket only has one cart designed to fit more than one child. When we first moved here they didn’t have any but I sent them an appropriately aggressive email explaining that they should get one and it arrived a few weeks later. The fun bit is that it hasn’t really been available this summer and I usually find it inside the store, with a large child on an iPad or iPhone using the pew that would safely harbor both of my children during our tumultuous trip to the store. But yea, it’s fine. If your eight year old wasn’t sitting down they’d probably run into the tower of tuna cans so I get it. I’ll just wait my turn.

  3. The play area at the mall is safe again!


    Chik-Fil-A and a play space. It’s paradise. 

    It’s not that I mind children in the play area. I mean, that’s what it’s there for. It’s just frightening because there are such large children climbing up the slide and narrowly missing my toddler as they race around the small space. The sign may say for ages 2-8 but that’s more of a suggestion than a hard line. Rules are made to be broken right?

  4. The zoo won’t have summer camps!


    Not that my kids will ride this thing…

    We pay for a zoo membership but we don’t really use it in the summer. It’s probably because of the baking heat, the giant hills (seriously, whose idea was it to build a zoo on a hill???) and the $3 bottles of water. It’s definitely not because of the crowds of children wearing matching t-shirts shouting at the animals and walking in front of my stroller while their frazzled teenage handlers try to keep them in some semblance of a line and holding hands with their accountabilabuddies. Definitely not.

  5. The library won’t be crowded!


    This is not our library but wow is it pretty. 

    I appreciate people’s love of literature and air conditioning. Lord knows that’s why I go. Our library also has some lovely amenities for the children; namely, a train table, a doll house, a stack of puzzles, and a play kitchen which are all wonderful distractions from the books that one usually finds at a library. Now that your children have access to the school libraries I will finally get first dibs on all the Strega Nonna’s and Goodnight Moons I want and I won’t even have to share.

  6. The ice cream truck wont stop every day!


    Why does he have to pass by right before dinner? Why?!?!

    We have an ice cream truck that passes our house every day at about 4:30. The reason they do this is because a lovely family about a block down from us flags that truck down. Every. Single. Day. Now instead of shouting at the top of my lungs that I don’t hear anything while blasting Paw Patrol at full volume on the TV we can actually sit outside at 4:30 because all those kids will be doing homework. And also the ice cream truck doesn’t go around in the fall. Yay!

  7. All of your photos!


    I don’t know these kids but golly gee, they look happy! 

    Now that school is back in session there will be sweet photos of ball games and dances, artwork and funny stories. Your kids will laugh, they’ll cry, but above all else they will learn and really what more could you ask for.

What are you looking forward to this year? Share with me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

One thought on “SQT: Back to School Edition

  1. I love this time of year. My annual back-to-school tradition is Mom’s Day Out for brunch on the first day of school. Not because I’m glad my kid is out of my hair, but because I need a transition from “he’s mine again for 10 weeks” to “I hardly get to see him anymore.” I am glad to have a reasonable schedule again, with responsibilities and bedtimes for everyone. And I love the back-to-school shopping, really. (No crayons on this year’s list for middle school. My heart broke a little. Yes, I bought a box anyway.) The routine is good for me as well. I can get back to a regular exercise schedule, volunteer schedule, study schedule, enough alone time that I can weather the after school sports/clubs/activities-to homework-to-dinner-to bath-to bedtime whirlwind. You get the picture. And September has always felt more like a New Year to me than January does. This is the time of year for reinventing that better version of ourselves. I wish you all a great school year, too!


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