Fancy Book Parties and One Beautiful Dream

If you have a heartbeat or a twitter account there’s a possibility you’ve already heard about One Beautiful Dream from the one and only Jennifer Fulwiler. The book is released on May 1st (unless you’re one of the lucky dogs who preordered it from Barnes and Noble, in which case you have it already) but I got an advance copy because I went to her book launch party in NYC at the Yale Club. I know that sounds fancy and I want you to believe that I’m fancy so stop reading right now so you don’t find out that I had Spaghetti-o’s for lunch that day.


The party was a blast! Jennifer is a delight to talk to in person and made sure she talked to everyone in the room. Joe, her husband, was incredibly funny even though he wasn’t wearing a banana suit (but he did have a pair of pince-nez). I met the incomparable Kelly Mantoan from This Ain’t The Lyceum and it was so cool to meet one of my favorite bloggers, especially because she was dressed as the Monopoly guy. Also, the food was great and the Yale Club was probably the fanciest place I’ve been to in my life so all in all it was a great night.

Of course, I took NO pictures of it because I was busy enjoying myself but now I have no proof that I was there so you’ll have to take my word for it. Well, I do have proof and that is my super fancy advance copy of the book because I am the kind of person who goes to book launch parties. Apparently.

I powered through the book and read it in one day simply because I couldn’t put it down. Not only was it incredibly funny and moving, it was exactly what I needed to read at this stage in my life. This stage of my life means that I’m a mother to a couple of little tyrants while gestating a third tyrant and wondering what hot food tastes like, how I got here, and when I get to be myself again. If you’re deep in the trenches with me than this needs to be the next book on your list. Or you can put down your current book and read this one instead. This is not a drill. Even Caillou is an acceptable distraction for your children so that you can read this book.



Does anyone even like Caillou?


I don’t want to go into too much into detail so I don’t ruin this experience for you but I will tell you a few things. The book is a bit of a continuation of her first so if you’re nosy like me and want to find out if they’re still living in the same tiny house or how they came to have six children in eight years, this book will answer those questions for you. It will also tell you how she met Hallie Lord and it will explain, in great detail, why Hallie is not only an amazing friend, but also a viable candidate for sainthood. Mostly, the book is about Jennifer’s passion for writing and how and why she was able to pursue it.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel like she’s your best friend and then you’ll realize you’re being creepy because she doesn’t even know your name. In the end, you will be inspired and refreshed and maybe open up your dormant blog to write your first blog post in months because you heard something you really needed to hear.

8 thoughts on “Fancy Book Parties and One Beautiful Dream

  1. It’s so good to read your blog again, Jessica! Thanks for sharing your experience at the book launch party. I’m so excited that you were able to go. I’ll have to look into why my book hasn’t arrived yet, as I ordered it a year ago from Barnes & Noble, so it should be here by now. I’m looking forward to more blog posts in the near future, with all the free time you have at your disposal. Take care & God bless!


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  3. This post made me wish we were back at a table at Edel chatting! Also, no. Nobody likes Caillou. Not even his mom. Also, congratulations on gestating your third! That’s so exciting!


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