Vacations, Chris Pratt, and Fear

Hello my friends! We meet again. I spent all last week on vacation with my babies and my hubby and we had an amazing time. The kids figured out how to dog paddle around the pool, in their floaties of course, so Chuck and I were able to lounge in the pool and watch them … Continue reading Vacations, Chris Pratt, and Fear

My Kids Watch TV

I know I'm committing some kind of horrible mom faux-pas but I'm going to go ahead and admit it. My kids watch TV. And during this pregnancy they've been watching it, dare I say, a lot? I can see all the perfect, preppy moms jaws hit the floor, some of the more sensitive ones may … Continue reading My Kids Watch TV

Life Update and Giveaway Winner Announced!

    Hey everyone! I am so sorry it's been so quiet on the blog this week. I thought I was going to be able to make it through Hell Month without breaking down but it finally beat me. We just finished clean up for the last party and I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I feel … Continue reading Life Update and Giveaway Winner Announced!