Meal Planning

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing again! It’s been a long couple of months but Mikey is just about three months old and I feel like we’re starting to get into some kind of a groove and I am ready to get back out here, doing stuff. I’m not super sure what kind of stuff I’m doing but I am totally going to do it.

We are off to a great start aren’t we?

Now you might remember that this pregnancy was a little hard on me. I had a lot of “morning” sickness all day long, lots of fatigue, and then a rather dramatic delivery for our little man so it’s literally been months since I’ve been on any kind of schedule or plan for keeping my house in order. It’s been harder than I thought to get back into the swing of things and honestly, I haven’t been graceful about it. The mess is in my house has been getting to me and it’s been giving me a lot of anxiety and stress. I’m still figuring things about but a good first step for us has been meal planning.

Chuck and I both want to lose some weight but with a new baby and a crazy nursing schedule I don’t think I can really commit to a diet plan. Instead, we’ve been focusing on making healthy choices and meal planning has made that so much easier. Knowing what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a weight off my mind and has really helped us cut down on food waste.

So the real question here is: WHAT’S FOR DINNER?!?!

We’re keeping it pretty simple.


Mondays we eat salad. Any kind of salad, any kind of meat, dressing, or toppings but it will be served on a bed of lettuce. The idea is that it’s something light to give ourselves a break from the weekend and simple enough to accomplish after a busy day.


Tuesdays are for tacos. We rotate between regular beef, fish or chicken but it is always served on a tortilla. The fish and chicken tacos are from Tasty, they have great recipes!


Wednesdays are up for grabs. If there’s something we’ve been craving, like a roast or casserole or soup, that’s the day I’ll make it. It’s usually the calmest day of our week and I don’t mind putting extra time into dinner.


Leftover Thursdays we get to put our microwave to the test. We take the chance to clean out the fridge and if there aren’t enough leftovers to feed us all then we’ll order a pizza or Chinese food.


We try not to eat meat on Fridays so we typically make spaghetti and shrimp in a lemon sauce. It’s everyone’s favorite meal and it’s nice to end the week with something we can all agree on so I don’t have to spend all of dinner begging the kids to eat. Sometimes we’ll mix it up but it’s always some kind of pasta with some kind of seafood or vegetable.


We never really know what our schedules look like on Saturdays. Sometimes we’re out and we end up eating on the go, sometimes we have events or parties where we are fed, or we spend all day working on the house or hanging out as a family. Sometimes we cook, sometimes we get takeout, sometimes we still have leftovers in the fridge. It changes week to week and I really like the flexibility.


Sundays we usually spend with football, family, and Jesus. We go to church in the morning, spend the afternoon watching football (at least the men do), and in the evening we all take turns cooking. Usually Chuck or his brother will come up with some delicious dinner and we all eat together so it’s also a break for me and my sister in law from cooking all week so it’s a nice break.

Breakfast is usually bagels or frozen waffles because I am NOT a morning person. Lunch is leftovers, salad, or some kind of a sandwich. And dinner is always decided ahead of time so that’s it! This has really been working for us so I can’t recommend it enough!

My favorite part of meal planning is that it takes a lot of stress out of dinnertime and we sit down together as a family pretty much every night. We get to say grace together and talk about our days and it’s really the only time we are all sitting together and present in the moment. It’s the calm eye in the center of the crazy storm of three kids under five.

What do you guys do for meal planning? Do you make something different every night or do you cycle through the same recipes over and over? Let me know in the comments or connect with me on social media!

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