An Update and a Birth Story

I know things have been a little quiet on the blog front lately and I don't want anyone to worry, I'm not going anywhere! Hell Month has been upon us with a vengeance and I haven't had as much time to write as I would like but I'll be posting with more regularity when things … Continue reading An Update and a Birth Story

Mother’s Day for the Motherless

Mother's Day is on Sunday and since I will be on a tropical beach somewhere I wanted to wish all you mommies a very happy and peaceful day! My husband is treating me to a vacation sans children or husband and I am so excited about it. A few days of sun, sand, and quiet … Continue reading Mother’s Day for the Motherless

Hell Month and Party Planning

It is May and the sun is finally shining here in northern NJ. It also means that I have parties on the brain. This month we celebrate birthdays for my nephew, my son, my sister-in-law, and myself along with Mother's Day and Memorial Day immediately followed by birthdays for my other nephew and brother-in-law in … Continue reading Hell Month and Party Planning

I’m good at failing

I'm still riding a bit of a high after reading One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler. If you want to read my review you can find it here and if you want to buy it (and believe me, you do want to buy it) you can find it here. The book is about following your … Continue reading I’m good at failing

Fancy Book Parties and One Beautiful Dream

If you have a heartbeat or a twitter account there’s a possibility you’ve already heard about One Beautiful Dream from the one and only Jennifer Fulwiler. The book is released on May 1st (unless you’re one of the lucky dogs who preordered it from Barnes and Noble, in which case you have it already) but … Continue reading Fancy Book Parties and One Beautiful Dream

A Sinner Holds Unto Them

Hello my friends, we meet again. You may have noticed I took a week off from the blog. Or maybe you didn't, I'm still not convinced anyone reads this. In any case, my week off wasn't by choice. Some things happened that made me a bit melancholy and I couldn't find the words to say... … Continue reading A Sinner Holds Unto Them

SQT: Back to School Edition

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I'll be linking up with Kelly over at This Ain't The Lyceum. All the kids are going back to school, all the moms are breaking out the celebratory mimosas and I think that's great. I mean, as a mom to a three year old and a nearly two year … Continue reading SQT: Back to School Edition

Love is Patient

Hello all! I hope your week is going better than mine. We had a hectic weekend and I'm still trying to catch up with all of the housework (it's only hump day. I've got time). It doesn't help that Clara's going through this delightful screaming phase and, unrelated to that (probably), I've had a pounding … Continue reading Love is Patient

My Very First Vlog!?!

Hello everyone you are in for a treat! I was trying to type up todays blog post and the words were not coming to me so I decided to try making a video post instead. Spoiler alert: The quality is terrible and I was super nervous. Also, I'm whispering a little because the kids were … Continue reading My Very First Vlog!?!

[SQT] My First Link Up!

Hey all! I'm linking up with Kelly over at This Ain't the Lyceum for her Seven Quick Takes. And here are mine! I'm sipping a hot cocoa and typing up a blog post at Starbucks. We have reached all new levels of basic and I'm in love with it. I sip hot cocoa in August … Continue reading [SQT] My First Link Up!